Jerry Jones Tells Fans To STFU About The Sun At The Stadium

Despite fans, players, television viewers… pretty much everyone… hating the sun situation at the Cowboys Stadium, the one person that matters does not give a shit.

Jerry Jones, longtime owner of the Pokes, told everyone to stop talking about it because nothing is changing. He already spent billions on JerryWorld and he isn’t spending any more… not even on sun shades… so stop asking.

He took the time to talk about it on 105.3 The Fan, saying, “that’s about 10,000th on my list of things to worry about.”

It was higher on the list for Cedric Wilson, a wide receiver that couldn’t see the pass thrown by his quarterback in the playoff loss to San Francisco.

Jones thought that the fact that everyone plays in the sun makes it a fair situation, instead of it being a design flaw that needs addressed.

“We’re not going to do anything with it,” Jones said. “It goes both ways.”

Sure, Jer….

Why fix something that hurts your team just because it might hurt the other team, too.

Then he ended with this stupidity:

“I need to be worrying about something frankly that gets us back this week, next year, in the playoffs,” Jones said.

I have an idea… put up shades that keep the sun out of your players eyes while you are actually in the playoffs.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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