Joe Gacy, WWE’s New Wokester™, Hilariously Mocks The Left

I watch wrestling. WWE, NXT, AEW, New Japan, RoH, old WCW matches on Peacock… I know you dabble in some of that, too. You probably don’t want to admit it but you do, and you clicked on this because you do.

Now, the WWE — through NXT — just introduced my new favorite gimmick: Joe Gacy as the embodiment of the Woke.

Gacy, plays into all the stereotypes of the super-sensitive, quickly-offended left. He refers to the ring as a “safe space” and uses his in-ring time to banter about “conflict resolution.”

“Tonight this ring is a safe space. NXT 2.0 is full of conflict, from the smallest microaggression to the most heinous grudges,” he said on Tuesday, during his first appearance. “This is a place where we settle our differences. I come to you tonight with a mindset of conflict resolution where I don’t need to use my male privilege to get what I want.”

As boos rained down, Gacy kept cutting the hilarious promo: “I understand, just like you, that life isn’t fair. I believe that we can achieve unity and tolerance for us all, and I can be the man that will show you we can achieve peace in this safe space. And it starts tonight!”

Like much of The Left, Gacy is a loser… who lost his match.

He also didn’t seem to mind.

“Tonight, the better man won. And I still believe that we can achieve peace and unity. I want to make NXT 2.0 a safe space. Thank you for your time,” he said.

Gacy looks like the typical Washington, D.C. intern that spouts off all this same crap and it is perfect.

It is a dramatic departure for Joseph Ruby — the man now playing Gacy — and his former personas have included badasses like Psycho Joe, Chainsaw, and Xerox across Combat Zone, Evolve and NXT.

It is also guaranteed to get plenty of attention… probably some enraged TikToks that we can not wait for!

Written by Malcolm Henry

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