Joe Rogan Remains ‘Apolitical’ But Calls Out Hypocrisy Over Ukraine

Like most every logical person in America, I have had my eyes/ears/brain opened to a lot of very interesting things over the last two years. Much of that opening has come at the end of sentences said by Joe Rogan.

That trend continued as he has pointed out more hypocrisy from the mainstream media — which is bordering on propaganda at this stage.

“I have this screenshot that someone sent me,” Rogan said on a recent episode. “About the way the people on the left were talking about the Ukraine situation before the war. This is one of the things that’s so weird is that they were very disparaging of Ukraine, and they were talking about the massive corruption of Ukraine, and how horrible it was over there.

“And now, all of a sudden, they’re looking at it like they’re heroes. The same exact people. This is what’s confusing.”

Rogan is vaguely pointing out how people perceived Ukraine when it was discovered that the government was laundering money through Hunter Biden and buying access to his father while he was Vice President. A valuable relationship now that Joe Biden is the President…

He also criticized the idea that the public should just accept this shift and move along, saying, “We’re supposed to just … veer away … from the narrative that was being pushed just a couple years ago?”

Yes, it is not just you. Ukraine went from outlier country that everyone knew was washing money to a Patron Saint of the Left. Now, we see the media holding up the entire country as this last bastion of freedom.

Additionally, Rogan continued to take on news media as a whole. He gave the caveat that there are plenty of reporters are neutral and unbiased, but that the organizations in charge of those ‘good eggs’ limit the distribution of information.

“What scares me is, I mean, I think there are objective journalists who work for the Washington Post and The New York Times,” he said. “There are real, solid journalists out there, but I don’t necessarily know if you’re getting all of the information. I think it’s safe to say that some fvckery is afoot.”

The comments are on the heels of a recent cancelation attempt of the comedian as The Left is not happy with the truth that he continues to speak.

Rogan has had to cowtow, slightly, to the whims of the Ruling Class but being more “balanced” and, essentially, sticking to the playbook that they want versus taking a middle road stance and blasting it out.

He is saying all the right things to appease them.

“I am very apolitical,” Rogan said recently. “When it comes to the future and political candidates, I don’t want to have that kind of influence. I want to be someone who can watch and observe, and I don’t wanna be someone who’s actually affecting this.

“I have decided I am very apolitical when it comes to the future and political candidates. What I’m actually interested in is talking to people. I’m not nearly as interested in affecting things. Unfortunately because there are so many fvcking people paying attention, I’m doing it the same way I’ve always done it, but now there ate more people paying attention.”

Written by Malcolm Henry

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