Joey Chestnut: Defender of Freedom


Michael Phelps

Joey Chestnut

All American heroes and among the most dominant athletes to have ever stepped foot on earth. Joey Chestnut’s dominance has become a staple of American Freedom as every 4th of July he treks to Coney Island to wipe the floor with the competition at the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating competition.

This year started off no different than the other 14 years he took home the trophy as Joey jumped out to a quick lead. The contest does have some controversy surrounding it, as protestors love to hijack all of the attention the contestants receive to bring awareness to whatever cause, usually some animal rights BS. One year, Barstool Big Cat participated and got a bunch of fake blood thrown over him. All-time video right there.

This year some nerd was wearing a Darth Vader mask (nerd was not a dig at Star Wars, I love Star Wars) with a sign that said “Expose Smithfield Deathstar”. He bumped into Joey trying to get on camera. Joey noticed and instantly got the dude in a chokehold and slammed him to the ground before turning back around and continuing to eat.

The guy just continues to show why he is an American hero. Another win for the GOAT.

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Written by Ben Mulry

Masshole. Division 1 (intramural) College Athlete. Correct Take Haver.

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