John Madden Will Grace the Cover of Madden 23

John Madden will return to the cover of his video game for the first time in 23 years, an honor usually reserved for players who had an outstanding season the year before. The football legend passed away last December and the decision to have him back on the cover is a perfect way to pay homage to the man who forever changed the game we all know and love.

The game case will have three different covers, each of them honoring a different part of Madden’s career in football. One remembers the impact he had on the video game side of football, without him there is no Madden game. The other two recognize the man as a coach and broadcaster.

Madden is also remastering audio clips, bringing John back to the in-game broadcasting booth.

Many players give Madden Football credit for getting them into the game. Players like Jeff Okudah credit the game for helping them get better.

EA has also pledged $5 million to the John Madden Legacy Commitment to Education.

I hope this game is better than it has been the last couple of years as there haven’t been many meaningful changes in a while, but it being a special tribute to John makes me think they’ll go all out.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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