Jonathan Groff Gives Update On ‘Mindhunter’ And It Isn’t Good

Mindhunter was (IMO) one of the best series’ ever put out by Netflix. It is a hill I am willing to die on that it is Top 5… and after just two seasons it is probably never coming back.

At least according to Jonathan Groff and his recent interview.

He told The Hollywood Reporter that without David Fincher, it just isn’t happening.

Mindhunter is Fincher,” he said. “The whole experience for me was the honor and privilege of getting to work with him. This was the main draw for me. This was the main joy of getting to have that experience.” 

The series, if you haven’t seen if for some reason, detailed the early days of criminal psychology and criminal profiling within the FBI. Groff played Agent Holden Ford and stole the show in the role.

After debuting on the platform in 2017, Netflix announced in August 2019, just days after the Season 2 premiere, that Mindhunter would be put on an “indefinite hold” and there there were no plans for a third season.

Groff likened it to the breaking up of the Chicago Bulls.

“It’s like the [1997-98] Chicago Bulls. Do you go for another season with the team? Or do you just do what the general manager says?” Groff said. “If the general manager believes that it should stop, you have to go with the general manager. And this is how I feel with David.”

The good news is that if Fincher is in to bring the show back, Groff will be his Michael Jordan.

“The minute he says he wants to do another one, I’ll be there in a second.”

It probably won’t happen, but at least the door is open… even if just a crack.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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