Jusuf Nurkic Chucked Phone Of Heckler Into Stands, Gets Fined

Portland Trail Blazer player Jusuf Nurkic needs to meet Jackson Mahomes.

But, on a serious note, Nurkic got some heat this past weekend when he calmly walked up to a fan… snatched his phone… and matter-of-factly tossed it a few rows away. Now, his wallet is lighter.


See, I don’t embellish the truth. Not my style.

Anyways, veteran NBA reporter Chris Hayes was on the scene and gave the play by play for what led to the interaction:

Well, Tuesday the NBA fined Jusuf Nurkic $40,000 for confronting the fan at the game in Indiana.

A security guard walked between Nurkic and the fan after the phone was tossed, at which point the Blazers’ center walked away.

Indiana won the game 129-98. Nurkic, whose nickname is “the Bosnian Beast,” did not play. He has not played since mid-February because of left foot plantar fasciitis.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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