Kanye’s Big Weekend

Yesterday, we all were bombarded not with Euphoria posts, not with Super Bowl commentary, but with a big fat Instagram dump from Kanye West. In case you were somehow unaware, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are no longer together. The divorce announcement came out just about a year ago, and over the past weekend, Kanye seemed to reach his limit of seeing his former wife with Pete Davidson. At one point yesterday, he had posted 23 times in twelve hours. It was incredibly entertaining. Unfortunately, he didn’t leave everything up, so here’s a basic breakdown of Kanye’s shenanigans the past few days.

Let’s break down the posts: most of them had to do with “Skete” (his affectionate nickname for Pete Davidson. He exposed Davidson for having a Hillary Clinton tattoo, posted a few pictures accusing him of various horrible things (sending explicit photos of Arianna Grande to Mac Miller before Mac tragically passed away for one example), and stating that Pete Davidson would never meet his kids. He even posted a screenshot in which Davidson texted him (pretty nicely I might add) and said that he hopes everything can be worked out and that they can be friendly. “There’s a Skete hiding in every dirty ass alley waiting to help destroy your family,” was one of the more memorable ways he talked about Davidson.

Next up were his posts about how Disney, Hulu, and the government were all working together to silence him and other people like him. He used the word “narrative” about fifty times throughout his posts, essentially saying that the media was trying to force a narrative of him being crazy onto everyone, but that he was telling the truth and he would not be silenced. He posted his McDonald’s commercial and reinforced that all he was doing was simply fighting for his family. 

Finally, he has tagged and mentioned Kim in many of his posts, stating that he has no beef with Kim. He wants them to be a family again, and his only issues are with “Skete” who is apparently masterminding a destruction of the KimYe relationship.

Amidst all of this, Kanye went to the Super Bowl with his kids. He sat at the 50-yard line wearing a mask (not the COVID kind, the serial killer kind). He has stated that he had a great time, which is shocking to everyone who witnessed him posting throughout the entire game. 

What the hell is going on with Kanye? No one knows, but I think we’d all be a lot more tired of him if the whole thing weren’t so goddamn funny.

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