Kyle Rittenhouse Dunks Balls-to-Face With, “Fvck You, LeBron”

Kyle Rittenhouse is going on a media tour after being found not guilty of several charges stemming from Antifa riots in Wisconsin. His latest hit was on The Blaze podcast, You Are Here (if you wanna check it out).

He did not mince words when it came to LeBron James and his criticism of the trial.

“I liked LeBron,” he started, “And, then I’m like, ‘You know what, fvck you, LeBron.'”

This all comes from James being a typical Liberal strawman, who posted to Twitter versus actually paying any attention to the facts of the case. While Rittenhouse was on the stand explaining that he acted in self-defense when he shot at attackers during the Aug. 2020 riot, the totally removed from reality basketball star went to work.

During the testimony, Rittenhouse was emotional, catching his breath in between words as the account of shooting a convicted pedophile, career criminal, and another who was trying to shoot the teenager.

The Laker posted to his millions of social followers, “What tears?????, I didn’t see one. Man knock it off!”

“I was a Lakers fan too before he said that,” Rittenhouse said. “I was really pissed off that he said that.”

LeBron has been a regular piece of shit with his selective attempts for “justice” often discussing the typical talking points of The Left, while ignoring actual events happening in China or trying to get women that he doesn’t like fired.

It was recently revealed that he has been trying to get ESPN to get rid of a commentator he doesn’t like. How sexist? (That is how the game is played, right?)

He has also become increasingly thin-skinned as he had a couple of fans kicked out of a game because they were being mean to him…

We share the sentiment: Fvck you, LeBron.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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