Do It, Cowards: Lane Kiffin To USC or The Raaaaaiders. I Do Not Care Which.

Lane Kiffin has failed spectacularly at multiple jobs. And NOW is the time to let him make good on those.

In 2007, at just 31, Kiffin was hired by the Raiders as the youngest coach in the NFL. It was insanely stupid to make that move, but Al Davis had a reputation of making young hires (John Madden was 32), Mike Shanahan (36), and Jon Gruden, the first time, was 35. So… whatever…

Kiffin was a disaster. He was 4-12 in his first full season. He started his second 1-3, and was fired.

He was then hired to be the head coach at Tennessee, at 33… the youngest coach in college football. His tenure there lasted just one 7-6 season before he dipped out of Knoxville to return to USC where he was an assistant under Pete Carroll for a number of years.

His time at USC was a mix of good and mostly bad. Most everyone considers it a disappointment. Ultimately he ended his tenure at 28-15 and was literally called off the team bus and left at the airport when he was fired.

Fast forward nearly a decade and it is time to let Kiffin right at least one of those wrongs and I don’t give a single fvck which one.

Kiffin paid his dues. He went and paid his penalty time as a charity case under Nick Saban. He took a low level job at Florida Atlantic — and finally won. He used it to spring board to Ole Miss, where he is winning and making the Rebels fun to watch.


By now you have heard that Jon Gruden resigned (you can’t fire him, he quit!) from the Raiders. It is a move that OutKick founder Clay Travis thinks is confounding considering the NFL relationship with rappers at halftime of the Super Bowl and Deshaun Watson — if you want to read that take. Personally, the Raiders had no choice in the matter… but what they can do is bring home Lane.

Do it, cowards.

If the Raiders don’t… come on home, Lane. USC needs a coach, too.

It has been almost a month since USC fired Clay Helton.

Helton coached the Trojans to a 10-3 record in 2016, a season that culminated in a Rose Bowl victory over Penn State. He then led the team to a 11-3 season in 2017, losing in the Cotton Bowl to Ohio State.

Overall, Helton went 46-24 at USC, but was on the hot seat entering the season before getting canned.

USC athletic director Mike Bohn put out a statement, saying that the expectations of the program were not met under Helton and that USC will conduct a national search to determine who the next head coach will be.

Problem sovled. Lane Fvcking Kiffin.

If you read this far, do yourself a favor and get caught up on the Legend of Joey Freshwater.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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