Latto Says Male Rapper Wanted Sex, Not Money, For Lyric Clearance

Latto, an emerging performer with over a million followers on Twitter, jumped on Big Boy TV to talk about … a lot… but the main point that came out of the chat was about a fellow artist who tried to get her to exchange sex for clearance of a verse on a track for her upcoming album.

Not cool.

In the clip — which is below — Latto comes with a matter of fact statement. It was one that was met with the shock that it should have been.

“These men, you know what I’m saying? They don’t know how to keep it business… So, I don’t care, baby I’m just going to keep it 100. It’s a feature on my album—it was difficult to clear. And they, like, trying to drop they nuts on me (have sex) because I won’t respond to a DM.”

Latto did not hold back — not should she have.

“I loved the song so much and I had to turn it [the album] in yesterday, so I didn’t really have a choice. I was backed into a corner, bullied,” she said. “I wish more females would speak up on stuff. I know the label said don’t do that [out people] it’s bad business, whatever. Man, these folks be trying to drop nuts on female rappers. I’m not going to shut up about it.”

The label told her not to out someone… and technically, she did not… but that speaks to a culture that says this is a pretty regular thing. Which is sad.

“We tolerate too much. We think, ‘Oh, well that just come with the game, being a female rapper.,” she added. :No, it shouldn’t though. It shouldn’t… You know you ain’t doing that to your fellow male rappers. Like, c’mon.”

While Latto did not give the name of the artist who tried to extort her, he is still on her upcoming album, 777, which drops on March 25. So… the odds will soon be narrowed.

Folks reading this, hear me: don’t be this guy.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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