Le’Veon Bell Picks Boxing Over Football

Bell recently announced at a press conference for his upcoming fight with Adrian Peterson that he will take this upcoming football season to complete his switch over from football player to fighter.

He said he almost did that last year and has wanted to focus on boxing instead of the NFL for a couple of years now. Even when he was playing in the NFL and training as a football player, he slowly began incorporating fighting movements and types of training into his regimen.

This won’t be one of those one and done celebrity boxing events, Bell is really focusing on making a type of career out of fighting. The free agent is not currently pursuing a new contract in the NFL.

Bell really believes in his ability to make some waves in the boxing world and is locked in to prove his skills on July 30th at Arena.

Bell played five years with the Steelers from 2013-2017, 2 games with the Jets in 2020, 9 with the Chiefs the same year, and last year had five games with the Ravens and three with the Buccs.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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