Limited Time Treat: McDonald’s Releases McFlurry Sandwich

Let’s all pray that McDonald’s ice cream machine doesn’t break down over the next three days because they just released something extraordinary.

McDick’s has just announced that a “McFlurry Sandwich” is available to be ordered through July 31. The creation is simply a McFlurry of your choosing served between two chocolate chip cookies, just like an elevated chipwich.

This limited-time item is part of Camp McDonalds, a promotional event lasting through the end of July that features new summertime menu additions as well as menu hacks and even musical performances only available on the McDonald’s mobile app. To get your hands on the McFlurry Sandwich, customers must order through the app, as stated in the rules of the promotion.

Along with the sweet sandwich, Dons has also released an Apple Pie McFlurry which includes a full piece of their signature apple pie blended into a McFlurry. It is unclear whether you can get an Apple Pie McFlurry as part of the McFlurry Sandwich, but I think that’s gotta be the ultimate hack.

This offer won’t last long as August is literally right around the corner, so hurry on down to the Golden Arches to taste this behemoth for yourself. Or, if you can’t make it in time, you can always just order a McFlurry and two cookies and do it yourself. This way is more fun and cleaner though.

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Written by Alex Becker


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