Live PD is coming back!

F*ck cancel culture. From Dave Chapelle to Dave Portnoy, we all have one person or brand we loved that was canceled for something stupid they said a while ago or something they did without thinking of who they could offend.

While sometimes cancel culture actually does go after scumbags, one unfortunate victim of cancel culture were cop shows. After incidents with police violence, the obvious way to fix the system was to take Paw Patrol off the air. (yes I know they didn’t actually do that) I don’t know about you, but coming home from a night out and throwing on Live PD half asleep in a delirious state of mind was amazing.

It was literally cops meets NFL Redzone. Unreal. Obviously scripted interactions with police finding copious amounts of illegal substances in people pockets makes for great TV, and cancel culture took that away from me. But it’s coming back.

Earlier today it was announced that Live PD is returning as “On Patrol: Live”. This show is from the same producer and host, just on a different network, Reelz.

The CEO of Reelz said ever since the show was cancelled he has been pursuing adding it to his network. Great move sir, we all appreciate you.

Now I can satisfy my late night urges to pass out in the living room at 3am with red and blue lights and sirens in the background.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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