Logan Webb Gets Flamed in Dodger Fan’s DMs

One of the good things about being a normal person like you and me is when we get into some beef online, it usually is not a big deal. We blow off some steam and it usually stays between us and the person we are arguing with. Celebrities do not have that luxury, and they sometimes forget that fact.

David Rosenthal, a Dodgers fan and podcaster, went to Twitter after a Giants win and flamed Logan Webb (a pitcher for the Giants) for his past steroid use. The Giants were up big, blew their lead, and came back thanks to the bat of Joc Pederson. Rosenthal claimed the Giants were still trash despite the comeback win. He finished the rant with a dig at Logan, saying if they want to be competitive he should bring his friends steroids too.

Almost immediately Webb was in Rosenthal’s DMs which was even funnier because David didn’t even tag Logan. In order to find the tweet so quickly, it seems Webb must have been searching for his name on Twitter, not even a half-hour after the game wrapped up.

Rosenthal responded to Webb’s message by asking him if he was ok. Pretty deflating response. Webb tried to come back, but a steroid chirp from David was the nail in the coffin. If that wasn’t enough he tweeted the exchange making Logan look like an idiot.

There’s a lesson here; don’t be an asshole if you’re famous, but if you decide to start shit, make sure you can finish it.

Rosenthal 10000 Webb 0

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Written by Ben Mulry

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