Loser Arrested For Defrauding the Government And Buying Pokemon Cards With Funds

This would be the least intimidating stories in lockup. Goodness, bro.

“What are you in for?”

‘Oh, who… me…
….. I, ugh, I got busted by the government. Let’s just leave it at that. Please.’

So, a loser idiot man from Georgia (state not country, with Europe in the news so much) was sentenced to three years in prison after one of the dumbest things that legit would be hard to make up.

Vinath Oudomsine of Dublin, Georgia, illegally obtaining a Covid relief loan and then used more than $57,000 of it to buy a collectable Pokemon card.

Wind that pack, now?

This man received $85,000 from the federal government and used it to buy a Pokemon trading card for $57,789.

Yeah… this dude thought the best idea he was going to have in his life was to defraud the federal government and use that windfall to buy POKEMON cards.

Apparently he agreed to forfeit the Charizard card as part of a plea agreement.

This clown also pleaded guilty in October to a single count of wire fraud related to the incident. So, clearly not the brightest bulb on the tree.

Prosecutors alleged in a legal filing that he submitted false information to the U.S. Small Business Administration last year when applying for the relief loan for an “entertainment services” business he claimed to own.

Photo by Halfcut Pokemon on Unsplash

Written by Malcolm Henry

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