Man Turns Dead Relatives Into Instruments

If you like heavy metal, you are going to love this. If you hate heavy metal, prepare to hate it so much more.

A heavy metal fan has recently turned his dead uncle’s skeleton into an electric guitar. Yes, this is real. 

The musician and Youtuber Prince Midnight recently finished the world’s weirdest DIY project as he used his uncle’s remains to craft his newest instrument. Prince Midnight, from Florida obviously, recently received his late uncle Filip’s skeleton despite hime dying in Greece back in the 90s. While Filip originally asked for his body to be donated to science, schools in Greece recently stopped using real human remains, leaving the corpse to be returned to Prince Midnight’s family.

According to Prince Midnight, it’s against orthodox Greek religion to cremate a body and cemetery costs proved to be too expensive. While he thought about burying Filip’s remains by himself in his yard or storing them in his attic, Prince Midnight realized that those “seemed like poor ways to memorialize someone.”

After some very bold brainstorming, Prince Midnight landed on this project as a tribute to Filip for getting him interested in heavy metal. With the help of some thorough research and “specialists” (unclear who is classified as a specialist in this area), Prince Midnight was able to properly construct a functioning electric guitar which he has named “Filip Skelecaster.” Prince Midnight is pleased with how his project turned out saying that his uncle can now “shred for all eternity.”

Kind of sounds like Filip wanted to help science for all of eternity, but this is probably a close second.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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