Mark Cuban Goes ‘Schitt’s Creek’ And Buys Entire Texas Town

Billionaire businessman Mark Cuban — most famous as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and star of Shark Tank — purchased an entire town in Texas’ Navarro County last month, according to reports in the Dallas Morning News (subscription required).

The town is located about 55 miles south of Dallas. It has a population of 23. It is home to a trailer park and a strip club.

(Imagine how fvcking terrible that strip club is)

“I don’t know what, if anything, I will do with it,” Cuban told the paper.

Who the hell cares, Mark. This is cool.

With some research, it appears that this town used to have a little more going for it.

It was originally founded in 1973 and was an oasis of freedom alcohol when the rest of the 1,086-square-mile county prohibited liquor sales.

So… Mustang was the only place to get a beer and see tits? That had to have been a winning formula in the 70s.

The town had been for sale since 2017, and originally had an asking price of $4 million. Without a buyer for a trailer park and rundown strip joint, it eventually dropped to $2 million, but still couldn’t find a buyer.

I hope he renovates the club and names it the RoseBud.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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