Matt Stafford’s Wife Dumped Him, Dated His Backup In College To Make Him Jealous

This is an odd power play. An even odder admission. The definition of ‘weird flex, but okay’ …

Kelly Stafford was talking with Barstool and admitted that since Matt did not want a real relationship in college she decided the play was to date his backup.

The fvck?

Here are her words:

Describing this as a “savage” move is not quite right, Barstool.

It is a lot of things… ‘savage’ is not one of them.

Anyways… to save you looking it up… the backup was Joe Cox.

Cox, apparently, was a highly recruited player out of North Carolina, but he could never surpass Stafford, who was even more highly recruited out of Highland Park outside of Dallas. Cox barely ever saw the field and only got the starting gig after Stafford was drafted by the Lions.

He did, however, it appears get to sling it deep to Matt’s now wife.

If the end justifies the means then it is all good for her, she got what she wanted.

Congrats on the Super Bowl, Matt.
Sucks that your wife outted you as getting your backup’s seconds.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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