Memorial, Additional Details Being Revealed About Henry Ruggs Victim

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - NOVEMBER 3: Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs III makes an initial appearance in Las Vegas Justice Court on November 3, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ruggs is facing charges relating to a fiery vehicle crash early Tuesday in Las Vegas that left a woman dead and Ruggs and his female passenger injured. The photo is taken through a glass window. (Photo by Steve Marcus-Pool/Getty Images)

Henry Ruggs is a famous athlete and involved in a high profile case, one that had a victim that was previously unnamed — or at least unreleased — she is now getting some attention in the tragedy.

Tina Tintor, a 23-year-old Vegas resident, had worked at a Target close to her home and the crash site. The store is providing grief counselors to deal with her death.

Her manager, Travis Winston, told TMZ, “”We’re deeply saddened by the death of our former team member, Tina Tintor. We extend our sympathies to her family and friends, and to all those impacted by this tragedy.”

Ruggs was reportedly driving 156mph just before the wreck, breaking down to 127mph right before impact, and was tested at a .161 BAC, more than twice the legal limit in Nevada. The accident marks the fourth active NFL player in the last 25 years to be involved in a drunk-driving incident that resulted in death. The Las Vegas police tweeted that “Ruggs will be charged with DUI resulting in death, and according to USA Today, conviction on these charges could result in a sentence of two to 20 years in prison, under Nevada Law, which identifies the charge as a Class B felony.

TMZ Sports has photos of a recently created memorial at the crash site — complete with photographs, candles and flowers. Some are below, some are at their site.

. TMZ SPORTS PHOTO. Visit their site for more.

TMZ SPORTS PHOTO. Visit their site.

In the wake of the tragedy many are expressing concern and caring messages. We would like ot extend ours. If there is a GoFundme set up, we will link to it.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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