Meth Traffickers Busted With A Ton Of Drugs, Hidden In Onions

Classssssic bad guys. Classic.

According to reports, authorities seized nearly $3 million worth of meth hidden inside a shipment of onions. The find was made during a tractor-trailer inspection at a federal facility in San Diego, officials said.

Honestly… it doesn’t sound like a bad idea… but I am not a meth transportation expert, so clearly it was not.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection was alerted to the trailer’s shipment of onions by a K-9 investigation where officers found nearly 1,200 small packages of meth.

That, perhaps, was too much meth. Again… I am not a meth transport specialist… but I think they had a good idea, just got greedy.

The 46-year-old driver, a Mexican national who was not named, was arrested for the alleged narcotic smuggling attempt at the Otay Mesa port-of-entry commercial vehicle facility, officials said.

The packages of meth — more than 1,336 pounds (606 kilograms) — were shaped into small globes with a white covering, the agency said, and meant to blend into the onions. The drugs are estimated to be worth $2.9 million on the street.

“This was not only a clever attempt to try and smuggle in narcotics, one I haven’t seen before, but also time consuming to wrap narcotics into these small packages, designed to look like onions,” said Sidney Aki, CBP Director of Field Operations in San Diego, in the news release. “While we have certainly seen narcotics in produce before, it’s unusual for us to see this level of detail in the concealment.”

Photo by Obed Hernández on Unsplash

Written by Malcolm Henry

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