MLB Reporter Gets Beaned by Line Drive and… Ouch.

Earlier this week, MLB reporter Kelsey Wingert was drilled by a line drive foul ball in a Rockies v. Giants game. In a clip from the broadcast, you can hear the announcer ask, “Kelsey are you okay?” during the moments after she was hit.

Wingert was injured by the ball, which hit her directly in the head, but she was able to give a thumbs up from the dugout before she was taken to be treated. Though the injury wasn’t super serious, Wingert had to spend hours in a hospital to get the wound sewn up and fixed.

Yesterday, she shared a picture of her head, and well, jeez. See for yourself:

I mean, that’s one nasty scar. Big credit to Wingert for taking that hit like a champ. The ball came off the bat at about 95mph, which is some serious velocity. Wingert thanked everyone for the well wishes and support, saying, “I’ve never experienced support like this. Thank you for the prayers.”

Get well soon, Kelsey.

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