More College’s Are Adding Competitive Gaming As A Major

The yell from the basement, rings out: “Shut up, mom… I’m trying to get a scholarship.”

Incels unite.

The University of North Dakota says it will be the first in the state’s postsecondary schools to offer a bachelor’s degree in competitive gaming.

Oh, hell yes. I’d not just good at CoD, I’m in training?

North Dakota’s State Board of Higher Education recently approved the Bachelor of Science degree in esports at UND. The university has been developing esports for a couple years, including establishing varsity level competition in which students compete against their peers across multiple game titles… which is a pretty wild sentence, but coolcoolcool.

The school also introduced an esports coaching minor in the fall of 2020… which means gamers also need coaches? Is that the same line of “if you can’t do, teach” … cuz, like… if you are the same age, why is one of yall coaching? Is that the best player? Why isnt he playing?

Both the esports major and minor are offered in College of Education and Human Development’s Department of Kinesiology. UND says the new program has a core focus in sport performance, but is ultimately interdisciplinary between kinesiology, public health, sport business, computer science and communication, KVLY-TV reported.

“Esports is a booming industry,” said Sandra Moritz, program director and professor of kinesiology and public health education. “Competitive gaming is something that is here to stay, and there are many career areas in the field – everything from playing to coaching to broadcasting. Our program is drawing from a variety of departments to create an all-inclusive approach for this degree.”

The major will be offered online and on campus following its fall semester launch… which is perfect since the kids won’t want to leave their dank basement.

Photo by Fredrick Tendong on Unsplash

Written by Malcolm Henry

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