New Angle From Bike Chase Has Been Found, With Gruesome Results

By now you have seen the original video of the motorcycle chase in California that resulted in a massive crash that left the driver of the bike dead. Well, in the age of everyone filming everything all the time, there is a new angle from the wreck… and it is wild.

WARNING: If you keep scrolling and see the video, it could be disturbing.

The horrific crash was originally caught on video by FOX 11. The driver can be seen speeding down a street in the Los Angeles neighborhood of West Hills just after 1 p.m, he was estimated to have been going over 130mph.

As the driver approaches the intersection of Roscoe Boulevard and Fallbrook Avenue, the motorcycle slams into another vehicle and can be seen flying through the air. 

Aerial footage from CBS LA’s Sky2 Chopper showed Ruben Contreras Jr., 30-years-old, traveling at speeds well over 100 miles per hour as he traveled down Roscoe Boulevard just after 1 p.m. His reckless driving led him through several intersections and around other vehicles uninvolved in the incident.

Two other people were injured in the incident, however they were expected to recover from non-life-threatening injuries.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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