News Cast Catches LAPD Incompetence for Over a Minute

If you’ve ever played any kind of video game (specifically GTA), you know that it’s almost too easy to escape from the police. They’ll walk right by you, they don’t pursue you if you get far enough away, and you genuinely have to try to get caught. I always thought this was just to make it a more fun game, but apparently Rockstar Games based their police officers on the LAPD. Just look at this:

I mean the narration says it all. I know that they didn’t have the ariel view that we did, but there’s several points where you would think that trained officers would have the common sense to check behind the one car in the alley that this dude just disappeared in.

As stupid as those cops look in the video, though, my main question is why the guy they were chasing didn’t sneak out the back when they were all way off in where they were looking. I mean c’mon man, clearly you’re screwed if they catch you either way, so you might as well try to snag a car and make a getaway.

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Written by TFM

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