NFL Announces Increase in Salary Cap, Franchise Tags

Moving on from the Covid endemic, the NFL’s salary cap for 2022 is resuming its normal upward trend line. This year it will be set at $208.2 million, marking more than a slight increase from the previous seasons.

In case you did not know, the cap is going up from $182.5 million — which was down by nearly $10 million from the 2020 season.

Again. Covid.

But now that it is over, the money will flow again.

Once everything is factored in, teams will be allowed to have a total player cost of $284.367 million.

Also with the change in budget comes an update in the franchise tag situations.

Quarterbacks, naturally, will have the highest franchise tag hit at $29.7 million.

The second-highest tag price is for linebacker at $18.7 million, followed closely by wide receivers ($18.4 million), and defensive ends ($17.85 million). Then come defensive tackles ($17.39 million), cornerbacks ($17.28 million), offensive linemen ($16.66 million), safeties ($12.91 million), tight ends ($10.93 million), running backs ($9.57 million) and kickers ($5.22 million).

Teams have until 4 p.m. Tuesday to apply franchise tags, while some clubs already have done so, and the deadline for franchise-tagged players to reach a long-term contract with a team is July 15.

Make some money, boys.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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