No, I Swear, the Bear Did it!!

Man next time me and some buddies make a little mess in an Air BnB I might have to use this excuse.

Over the weekend there was a group of people out in California who decided to have a nice getaway with their friends and take the time to decompress and just hang out. Their plans were slightly derailed when an “extremely aggressive” bear snuck through an open window and trashed the rented house.

Once they realized there was a fvcking bear running around inside, the guests locked themselves in various rooms around the house and proceeded to call the police. The bear had trashed the place apparently looking for food, and charged at the police officers multiple times.

Baby bears were found outside which definitely could explain the aggressiveness of the momma. Good for her, she just wanted to protect her kids and get them something to eat. Remember people, the bears were there first.

It doesn’t seem like anyone got hurt and now these people have an insane story to tell their friends! Guarantee the owners of the Air BnB tried to make the guest pay for the damage somehow. I’ve gotten charges for not folding the kitchen towels the right way before.

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Written by Ben Mulry

Masshole. Division 1 (intramural) College Athlete. Correct Take Haver.

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