No Woman On Earth Is Worth FaceTiming For 12 Hours While At Work

This is next level crazy and there is not a single woman on this planet that would be worth jumping through this hoop for. Sorry. Not one. I am not going to be on a 12-hour FaceTime, while I am at work.

Jose Macias — as identified by The Daily Mail — my dude, this girl of yours is not even close to a 10. Which someone would have to be to even consider this level of treatment…. so no matter what the sex is like, or if she is literally doing everything else for you… you are insane. As is she.

Nela, on TikTok, wrote so proudly, “My boyfriend needs to facetime me his whole 12 hours shift. NOT BECAUSE I don’t trust him but because I don’t trust females,” and added in the caption: “Might quit my job and go work with him.” 

Nela… you are crazy.

I am not sure what man broke your brain in the past, but you are going to have to get over it or get used to be a cat lady because Jose is about to get over this shit real quick.

The video has since amassed nearly 5 million views since it was posted last month…. though we are not sure if it 5 million people or Nela watching it 5 million times to make sure she didn’t miss anything.

Oh, they share a TikTok account. Total code for ‘someone cheated’ … anyways…

All this foolishness for THAT? Stahp.

In a follow-up to the first psycho video, she labeled it: “Facetiming my boyfriend part two, so I know he isn’t flirting with girls.” 

Jose… just hang up the phone. End this madness.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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