Normal Day in Florida: Teens Throw Wild Rager in Random $8 Million Mansion

Florida police are on the hunt for teenagers responsible for throwing a modern day Project X party this past weekend. Aside from the noise complaint and destruction that was caused by the bash, police are after the teens for breaking and entering as the venue of the party was an $8 million house not owned by any of the party-goers.

Cops showed up to the Walton County estate the night of the party due to an anonymous noise complaint, but when they arrived most of the attendants had already dispersed.

Evidence of the massive party has been spreading all over social media with police even using Snapchats and Instagram posts to investigate. Social media posts have surfaced showing the teens moshing to blasting music, posing with highly valuable items, and even turning the foyer of the mansion into a boxing ring. 

The party left a sustainable amount of damage, as well as several missing items which are suspected of being stolen. As a result, the home owners say they intend to both pursue civil lawsuits and press criminal charges. 

“It’s not even so much about the items at this point, about what was stolen, or what was destroyed, it’s about people going into your closet and trying on your clothes, and people being in your bathroom, in your bed, all of that,” officer Corey Dobridnia of the Walton County Police Department said.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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