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Jeremy Hartwell, a contestant on the Popular Netflix show “Love is Blind” is suing the company for poor treatment and working conditions during the show’s filming.

Hartwell accused Netflix of a laundry list of things that contributed to the awful work environment. The class action suit claims Netflix forced the contestants to film drunk, starved, dehydrated, sleep-deprived, and with illegally low pay.

Jeremy says the cast was almost exclusively served energy drinks, booze, and soda alleging that there was a constant lack of water leading to dehydration and drunkenness of the cast. He also said the producers of the show would take the cast’s hotel room keys away so actors could not sleep well, and ordered hotel staff to not give them food.

All of these factors together led to an awful working environment, one that Netflix benefitted from and actors suffered. All of that shit affected how the cast behaved and treated each other leading to more entertaining television at the cost of the safety of the cast.

If that wasn’t bad enough, they weren’t even getting paid well. The cast was paid $1,000 dollars a week which isn’t awful, but they were forced to work up to 20 hours a day EVERY DAY of the week. That adds up to around $7 an hour which is less than half of the minimum wage in LA county where the show was filmed.

The lawsuit is a class action and Hartwell hopes other members of the casts of shows like this will step up and join him.

Information used to write this blog was obtained from TMZ

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