Olympic Gold Medalist Was Fueled By Promise Of Lifetime Supply Of Fried Chicken

South Korean short-track speedskater Hwang Daeheon is leaving Beijing with two Olympic medals, but make no mistake that is not the best thing to come from the games… not even by a little.

This mother fvcker has a “fried chicken pension” waiting for him once he gets home.

Yeah. That’s right. He was promised a lifetime supply of fried chicken.

Hwang, who won the gold in the men’s 1,500 meters and a silver in the 5,000-meter relay, will be burying birds forever.

“The first thing I want to do is confirm that my fried-chicken pension is real,” Hwang told reporters. “We worked hard, so we will take a break before preparing for the world championships.”

Yoon Hong-geun, is a BBQ tycoon… was the chef for the Olympic team… and who is also chairman of South Korea’s Skating Union, said on The Gram that Hwang, a fried chicken enthusiast, would have a lifetime supply of BBQ chicken if he won a gold in Beijing.

So, of course, motivated by that tasty treat, fvcking made it happen!

“And he really came back with a gold,” Yoon wrote beneath a photo of him posing with Hwang after the 1,500-meter finals.

The next question is… would other South Koreans get the same offer, cuz like, that would suck if they didnt. According to the AP, BBQ officials didn’t return multiple calls seeking comment.

Personally, I love that the AP reached out for comment. I wouldn’t have.

Not that is would matter… South Korea only has two golds medals, so, like… sure, give everyone that got Gold BBA forever. It’s literally one more person.

Yoon also had promised cash rewards of 100 million won ($83,600) for each gold, 50 million won ($41,800) for silver and 30 million won ($25,100) for bronze.

South Korea, which has long associated Olympic performances with national pride, rewards medal winners with lifelong government payments of up to 1 million won ($830) a month. Male athletes who win Olympic medals are also exempted from approximately two years of military service required for most able-bodied men.

BBQ and not having to go to the military is worth more than the damn medal.

I said what I said.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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