Pantyhose Now Protect Against COVID

I honestly don’t know what to say anymore. But you did indeed read that headline correctly. If you’re worried about COVID, just throw a pair of pantyhose over your mask because apparently that’s the new safest thing to do. You’ll look like an unbelievable tool, but hey, the science people say that it’s safe.

These science people I just mentioned evidently ran some tests to find out how to make sure that as much protection happens on a mask as possible. After running several intense experiments with tape, rubber bands, knots, and some other things that actually make sense, they landed on the fact that a strip of a pantyhose would be the best to keep the mask tight to your face. 

With all that discovered, though, the pantyhose-mask is apparently incredibly uncomfortable and hard to breathe in, so how effective is it really? Not to mention the fact that they probably smell like, well, you know…

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Written by TFM

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