Parrot Frees Kangaroo from Louisiana Enclosure

No, this is not fake and no it’s not from a cartoon even though it totally sounds it.

Basically, a kangaroo was spotted wandering around some town in Louisiana on Wednesday. (His name is Baxter if anyone was wondering). Someone saw Baxter hopping around down a drainage ditch on the side of the road and called the police, I would do the same if I saw a kangaroo roaming around my town. Baxter was safely captured and returned to his home yesterday morning. Already a pretty good story, but it gets even better.

Baxter’s owners run a non-profit called Bird Revocery International that takes exotic birds and safely releases them back into their natural habitat. Pretty cool stuff. Because of this, Baxter shares his pen with over a dozen parrots.

One of them, whose name is Thor, had recently figured out how to open the door to their shared pen. That’s how Baxter got out. Technically kangaroos are illegal to own and keep in Louisiana, and it is currently unclear if Baxter was owned legally. His owner did formerly have a zoo and they do run an exotic animal rescue non-profit, so I hope he is able to stay with his family and Thor stops causing trouble.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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