Pete Davidson Is About To Go To Space…

Pete Davidson just can not calm down. Why do I have to write about this man so much. I am totally over Pete. Davidson….

Anyways, he is heading to space.

The Saturday Night Live “star” is among the six passengers set to take off with the next launch of Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin.

The launch is set for March 23 and Davidson will somehow become the third “celebrity” on a Blue Origin flight. Actual celebrity William Shatner was on a flight in October, blasting off to roughly 66 miles above Earth on his 10-minute joyride.

Former NFL All-Pro and Good Morning America co-host (so an actual athlete and an actual celebrity) Michael Strahan flew on Blue Origin’s second launch in December, joining actual astronaut Alan Shepard’s daughter. Bezos, the founder of Amazon, flew on the company’s first passenger flight last July.

The other passengers on next week’s flight are actual businessmen Marty Allen; Sharon and Marc Hagle; an actual teacher Jim Kitchen as well as an actual former NASA manager, George Nield.

So… Davidson will be the only phony on that flight. I do not know which entity he made a deal with to enjoy the life that he has, but if he could send that thing my way, I am interested in finding out the exact details.

Anyways, Blue Origin offers flights to super rich passengers to enjoy a few minutes of weightlessness above the Earth’s surface, so that they can brag to all of the other rich people that they know thus causing a FOMO-effect and creating a new business of space rides, before the capsule parachutes and lands somehwere in the West Texas desert.

The company has not disclosed the ticket price for paying customers.

Davidson, who is also somehow magically, currently dating Kim Kardashian, wrote and starred in the semi-autobiographical film “The King of Staten Island,” which was released in 2020.

He is a shooting star and one that I would not mind Blue Origin just leaving up there in orbit.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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