Phillies Fan Throws Mets Fan’s Phone onto Field

The Phillies and the Mets have a pretty big divisional rivalry, and yesterday it became pretty clear that there’s no signs of it stopping anytime soon. In a game in which the Phils trailed the entire time, one Mets thought he would be able to get away with, well, acting like an obnoxious douchebag – it was clearly his first trip to Citizens Bank Park.

Now look, I should preface this by saying that I am a diehard Phillies fan, so I think what that kid did was one of the greatest things ever, but in as unbiased of a mindset that I can have, I can truthfully say the Mets fan had it coming. I don’t think what the Phillies fan did was right because you can’t just grab someone’s phone and chuck it on the field… but I don’t know how that Mets fan expected it to go. 

If you go to a Philly sports game as an opposing fan, you’re going to get chirped and insulted, but if you’re not an obnoxious douche, it won’t go much farther than a couple jeers here and there. If for some reason, though, you decide to be loud and obnoxious (something that is reserved for Philadelphia fans only when at a home game), you run the risk of something like that happening. So, guess what? That dude got what he deserved because anyone in their right mind would have known that the last thing you want to do is stick your phone camera in the face of fans that are experiencing a loss to the team that they hate most in all of baseball.

The highlight of the whole thing? The guy at the end saying in a perfect Philly accent: “I think the entire stadium’s laughing at you, dickhead.”

Go Phils.

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