Players Know Who To Blame For Covid Outbreak: The NFL

It certainly feels like 46,351 NFL players have already been placed in the Covid protocol this week, with plenty of big names that will impact the playoff race (in real life and my fvcking fantasy team), and the NFL Player’s Association knows who to blame:

The league.

YES, the plot twist we needed. Fvck you, Roger Goodell.

“The NFL decided to take away a critical weapon in our fight against the transmission of COVID-19 despite our union’s call for daily testing months ago,” the NFLPA blasted on social media.

“We’re talking to our player leadership & to the NFL about potential changes to the protocols so that we can complete the season.”

This really isn’t the shock I led with. The Player’s Association set this course of action back in September when the league just willy nilly changed the testing protocols.

JC Tretter — the NFLPA President — released a statement months ago predicting the exact situation that has played out because of not testing daily, and spelling out exactly what kind of issues those changes could present for the league.

They, of course, did not listen.

Now, it appears, the league is considering just scrapping testing altogether if players get the booster.

It is a nice way to avoid the logistical problem of asymptomatic players, who are vaxed but still popping positives.

As of this writing, at least 62 players have tested positive in the past two days. So at the most pivotal point in the NFL regular season, many players who feel fine and who are likely vaccinated can’t play.

It is bad for business and doesn’t make sense. So, now it is changing.

As it stands on Wednesday, the Cleveland Browns’ game is ruined, so is Thursday’s Chargers-Chiefs matchup that could decide the AFC West.

How many other games of importance will get wiped out while everyone points fingers?

Written by Malcolm Henry


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  1. If we judged the seriousness of every disease by the number of cases, we would be petrified of the common cold. We would be in perpetual lockdown. The reason we are not petrified and in perpetual lockdown is that we recognize that, while widely transmitted, the common cold is not a serious issue for most people whose immune systems are not already at risk due to other factors. Once we start judging COVID-19 not by overall cases but by serious cases – cases involving hospitalization or, at the very very least, symptoms – we’ll start to get a handle on the hysteria that leads to a lot of these draconian overreactions.

    Yes, COVID-19 is a serious thing for a significant number of people – people, again, who are at greater risk due to other factors. Those people should take the appropriate precautions, just as they do for everything else for which they are at greater risk. For the rest of us, it’s time to recognize that any kind of life worth living involves a certain amount of risk, weigh the risks and rewards for ourselves (including how our choices affect others) and act accordingly.

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