Pure Joy: Walkoff Jack At Miracle Park To Cleanse Your Timeline

Not a single dude reading this (and probably some of you ladies, too) hasn’t taken an at-bat “in the bottom of the ninth, trailing by two, two men on” and wanted to swing for the fence. Hitting that walkoff and bat flipping like a fvcking maniac.

Well… get ready…

Alexis Rangel of the Arizona Miracle League — a non-profit organization dedicated to providing baseball for children, teens and adults with disabilities or special health care needs — got to live it out, in all the best ways.

To the tape:

Im not crying, you’re crying.

Seriously, the scoreboard shows… trailing 19-17… two on… two out… Rangel steps to the plate. He got his pitch and fvcking smoked it to give his team the victory.


What makes this even better for me was that EVERYONE was pumped for Rangel as he rounded the bases. I couldn’t count the high fives at first, third, and home!

For all the bullshit we see in the world, this is something worth sharing.

Alexis even got the JomBoy treatment!


Written by Malcolm Henry

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