The Crazy Viking Guy Is Going To Jail For Quite Awhile

Capitol rioter, QAnon Shamen, and all around sketchy dude Jacob Chansley was sentenced to 41 months in prison for his role in the incident.

Judge Royce Lamberth has held Chansley in jail since his arrest all the while he has made countless attempts to curry sympathy and gain his release. When it was his turn to address the court, he went on a pretty wild rant, that ended with a reference to Ghandi.

“The hardest part about this is to know that I’m to blame. To have to look in the mirror and know, you really messed up. Royally,” Chansley said.

“I was in solitary confinement because of me. Because of my decision. I broke the law … I should do what Gandhi would do and take responsibility. There’s no ifs, ands or buts about it, that’s what men of honor do.”

Lamberth was not too impressed with Chansley through the course of the case and ended it stopping just short of saying he is getting what he deserved.

“He made himself the image of the riot, didn’t he?” Lamberth said directly to his defense attorney. “For good or bad, he made himself the very image of this whole event.”

The pictures of Chansley at the Capitol were among the first that went viral because of his outfit and being shown shouting into a bullhorn. He was also one of the first of the rioters inside the building, making his way through the hall of the Senate.

Following his arrest for his role in the protest, Chansley asked then-President Donald Trump for a pardon. He then went on a hunger strike while asking for an all-organic diet while in prison and he also spoke to “60 Minutes” — from jail — without permission.

He made it a point to repeat that he is not an insurrectionist nor domestic terrorist, but that he should not have been involved in the incident. Chansley is one of the first to be charged and sentences of the more than 660 Capitol riot cases, and his sentence could be a baseline for other judges to follow.

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Written by Malcolm Henry

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