Real Life Chucky in Alabama??

Man this story brought me back to the clown scares of 2016. What a wild time to be alive.

What happened is multiple people were talking about seeing a real life “Chucky” walking around neighborhoods in Pinson, Alabama during the month of July.

The reality is a five year old named Jackson likes to dress up and walk around the neighborhood like he’s a member of a watch, doing his part to keep everyone safe. Pretty cute and respectable in my opinion.

The kid dressed up as Chucky for Halloween the year before, and is scaring the shit out of his neighbors who have taken to Facebook to get to the bottom of the real life horror character that was freaking everyone out.

Once everyone figured out it was just Jackson, some people are asking him to come over and make appearances at parties which is awesome.

No harm no foul and this is just a great new headline. Love to see kids running around outside and spending time in their neighborhood.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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