Rick Harrison Is Being Sued By His Mom Over ‘Pawn Stars’ Business Dealings

Rick Harrison is going to have to keep on dealing… with his mother.

The Pawn Stars “celebrity” is being sued by his mother in a dispute over family assets — including ownership of the pawn business featured on the long-running reality TV show, this according to court records.

A civil lawsuit was filed Thursday in Nevada by the attorneys for Harrison’s mother, Joanne Harrison, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported. The suit names Rick Harrison, the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, business entities Harrison Properties, JoRich Properties as well as several others as its defendants.

“The allegations are false and I think that my 81-year old mother is being manipulated by others for their personal gain,” Rick Harrison told the newspaper.

What amounts to a breach-of-contract complaint states that Joanne Harrison, who was married for 58 years to the “The Old Man” Richard Harrison, was, essentially duped and ripped off by her son.

The lawsuit contends that while she was hospitalized in 2000 or 2001 (at her age, who can remember) Rick Harrison, one of the couple’s three sons, had her sign over to him her 51% ownership interest in the pawn shop.

Then in 2009, the business became the setting for the the History Channel show that also features grandson Richard Corey Harrison and family friend Austin “Chumlee” Russell.. both of whom, I assume, are giant assholes.

The lawsuit says that when Richard Harrison died in 2018, Joanne Harrison inherited his 49% share of the pawn shop but Rick Harrison has failed to provide her with complete documentation of its finances.

Joanne Harrison also alleges she has been unable to get a proper accounting of more than $500,000 worth of cash and silver she believes her husband accumulated before his death.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages, an accounting of assets, a court order banning Rick Harrison from using funds belonging to Joanne Harrison and “a constructive trust” over property that belongs to her.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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  1. Funny how the writer of this article is talking about Chumlee and the grandson being assholes but never mentions how much of a huge asshole Rick is 🤔

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