RIP Internet Explorer

Man writing this blog makes me nostalgic for elementary school computer class. By the time you booted up Internet Explorer and got to the website you were supposed to be using the class would be halfway over. Simpler times.

Microsoft has announced that on June 15th Internet Explorer will be phased out of use. This has been the plan for a long time, but as the day approaches it’s getting more attention.

The browser is 27 years old and was an add-on for Windows 95 in 1995, before becoming a free product. The use of Internet Explorer was at its max in 2003, before quickly being overtaken by browsers with more regular updates, better interfaces, and smoother/faster use.

Ever since then Internet Explorer has been used for two reasons. The first is to download other browsers like chrome, and the second is for older people who don’t want to have to learn an entirely new interface.

Edge is the new browser Microsoft is focusing on, a little bit better all around than Explorer, but also has compatibility for older websites and apps.

I feel like there won’t be a lot of people who are really affected by this change but seeing this headline really just made me think about what the internet used to be like. Man waiting 10 minutes for a webpage to load sucked but I still fondly remember those times.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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