We’re Fvcked: Robot Dogs Mounted With Sniper Rifles Are Here

I have watched enough Black Mirror on Netflix and War of the Worlds on Epix to know that we are headed into a dystopian future based on the following, true, story:

Ghost Robotics, which manufactures Quadrupedal Unmanned Ground Vehicles, showed off its new “Warfighter’s best friend” Tuesday on social media where people got their first look at how wars will soon be fought: by robot dogs with sniper rifles mounted to them.

Take a look at what will soon be patrolling your neighborhood to make sure you are not violating mask mandates or whatever our future overlord government decides to force us into compliance.

“Warfighters best friend.” Ummm, okay…
Oh, good… it can fvcking fly, too.

Calm down, Malcolm… don’t pull out the robot dog ready to kill anyone it decides…


Think I am crazy? I’m not. I literally just wrote the other day about Singapore using seven-eyed robots to patrol social norms like another Black Mirror episode, so if you think this is a stretch, you are the one lying. To yourself.

“The [SPUR] was specifically designed to offer precision fire from unmanned platforms such as the Ghost Robotics Vision-60 quadruped,” according to Sword’s website. “Featuring safe, chamber, clear, and fire capabilities that allows for safe and reliable deployment of the weapon system – providing the operator an ability to load and safe the weapon at a distance.

“These features also provide the operator the ability to clear malfunctions, and safely unload the platform prior to recovery. Chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor allows for precision fire out to 1200m, the SPUR can similarly utilize 7.62×51 NATO cartridge for ammunition availability. Due to its highly capable sensors the SPUR can operate in a magnitude of conditions, both day and night. The SWORD Defense Systems SPUR is the future of unmanned weapon systems, and that future is now.”

Did you read that?

No…because we have the attention span of a toddler… let me sum it up:

Robot Killer Menace Dog is accurate from 1200 meters which is fvcking 1,312 yards! Quick math tells us that this death dealer is good from 13 football fields out! Good fvcking luck.

This sniper rifle also includes a “30X Optical Zoom EO Sensor LVDS Video Output” optical zoom and carries a 10-round magazine.

You are not escaping when this dog decides you are dead.

More terrifying quotes, okay:

“They’re unstoppable, with the ability to get right back up from any slip, fall, or failure and keep moving using our proprietary blind-mode operation,” Ghost Robotics claims on its website. “They have to because we design and build robots to keep humans and K9s out of harm’s way.”

Perfect… an unstoppable force that won’t miss a shot from 13 football fields away. It would be great if I trusted any government let alone trust one enough not to decide to use this in a horrible way… but history has shown time and again that is not the case.

As the headline says: We’re fvcked.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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