Rock A Mullet, Get Free Beer For A Year

Okay, talk me off the ledge. Is this too easy?

Natty has gone from a beer that didn’t get discussed to one that leads the charge and its transformation has been amazing. Naturdays, Seltzers, Hard Lemonades, Popsicles and even a pretty tasty vodka have made the brand more than just a keg option.

It is going back to its roots, and whats your hair to follow suit.

The brewer recently launched its nationwide campaign to celebrate the 45-year-old brands success with a stolen Miller Lite marketing ploy a limited-edition, 1977-inspired, vintage can.

Now, what you came here for… mullets and beer.

“The mullet might be returning, but true Natty Fans know it never really went out of style,” Daniel Blake, group VP for Budweiser and value at Anheuser-Busch, said in a press release. “That’s why we want to make it easier than ever for fans to celebrate this iconic look. And though this hairdo has stood the test of time, these Natural Light Vintage Cans are limited edition so be sure to grab them before they’re gone!”

So, to enter, post a photo of your mullet with the hashtags #NattyVintage and #Sweepstakes to either Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Yes, you will also have to follow Natural Light on each, and your posts must be public.

From there, 100 eligible people will be chosen to win a $50.00 pre-paid card intended to be used to cover your haircut and another $30.00 pre-paid card intended to be used to purchase two 24-packs of Natural Light Vintage.

And once you’ve won, you can keep on winning: Previous winners that continue to post images of their mullets with the hashtags each month will be eligible to continue to win a $30 pre-paid card every month — though Natural Light will be giving away five fewer cards in each subsequent month.

In total, the brand will be giving out 720 of the pre-paid cards, and since you can enter each month, you can potentially win up to nine times.

And you get to have a sweet haircut, too.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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