Rogan in Trouble for Comments About Homeless People

Man this guy is always in the center of a controversy, this one is because of something he said during a podcast episode with comedian Tom Segura on July 14th.

Without any context, the phrase people are getting upset about is, “Maybe you should just go shoot the homeless people” during a discussion about Los Angeles. Basically the duo was talking about how the possessions of the homeless population was protected, and if you tried to move anything they own you could get in legal trouble.

Without context, a pretty insane thing to say. The internet is blowing up and everyone seems to be mad at Joe and the people defending him. Theo Henderson, host of a podcast about being homeless, said he was sad and upset at the comments and that there would be violence against homeless people as a result of Rogan’s comments.

When listened to in context, it seems like Rogan is talking about the recent issues LA is having with crime, and how little is being done about it. A hyperbole about what you can get away with in Los Angeles right now.

Here’s the video.

Definitely extreme and a little tasteless, but as usual the internet might be taking things a little too far with their reactions.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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