Ronda Rousey Is Coming Back to WWE, And She Is Going To Win Royal Rumble

Okay so both parts of that headline are pure speculation… but… I am betting on both of them.

The Royal Rumble ALWAYS (like, literally, always) finds ways to get some big pops and the wrestling rumor mill has been firing up that Rousey is going to make her in-ring return at the event. It has gotten so loud that it may now be the worst kept secret for the program as gambling sites are taking bets on her winning.

When BetOnline released its first odds for who would win the Rumble, Rousey wasn’t even an available option. On Monday afternoon the former Raw Women’s Champion had climbed all the way into the top 10 with +1400 (14/1) odds. Now, on Tuesday morning that number climbed again to plus +500 (5/1), putting her at No. 2 on the list behind only Bianca Belair. 

She is fvcking winning.

As is the tradition of winning the Rumble… the winner will stand alone in the ring and point to the WrestleMania logo overhead as they will main event the biggest pay-per-view event of the WWE calendar year.

Rousey will be main eventing with Becky Lynch — something that Lynch has said she wanted to have happen for some time.

The WWE will have Belair and Rousey as the final two wrestlers in the Royal Rumble, with Rousey somehow winning. It will allow the show to program Becks and Beliar to have some continued spat while Rousey works dark matches and local shows to get back in ring shape when they let her come back with a few weeks before Mania to build that program.

It is going to be awesome.

Oh… also… here is to hoping that Alexa Bliss and Liv Morgan round out the final four in the Rumble. It would be epic.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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