Ryan Hurst Is Looking To Get Some Of That Marvel Money

Ryan Hurst has been fvcking great in every show he has appeared, with a special shout to Opie Winston in Sons of Anarchy, and now he is ready to take another run at the big screen with a very specific Marvel character.

Hurst — who was also awesome in We Were Soliders, Taken, Bates Motel, and The Walking Dead — is posturing to play Sentry. If/When that movie ever happens.

The actor has been actively campaigning to play the hero from the Earth-616 universe. A hero that has the “power of a thousand suns.”

Hurst shared his second photo on Instagram of Sentry, writing “…it is working.”

So, you’re saying there’s a chance…

He first went to the Gram in October with his post about the character:

“Alright. Okay. Yeah,” he wrote back In October. “I’m very often asked if I would like to play a character from a comic book? Yes. Who? I didn’t know for a while. Such a fan of so many, but yeah. Dude with troubled past, superpowers equal/greater to SUPERMAN and Thor combined…and talks to dogs. I’m putting this out there. This dude. I’d like to play. Do your thing Insta.”

Hurst is already beginning to venture into comicbook lanes, as he is set to take on the role of Thor in the latest God of War video game, Ragnarök

While the announcement of his involvement came with some (super tiny, barely there) backlash because … well, he isn’t as handsome as Chris Hemsworth… Hurst played along, posting on his Instagram account with the caption “I look much better in person. Trust me.”

This would not be the first time a star has lobbied for a role with Marvel. It certainly will not be the last. Especially if it works.

Written by Malcolm Henry


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  1. Personally, I preferred him playing the role in Sons of Anarchy as well as Outsiders, which I think was a great show, and I liked his acting.

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