Ryan Reynolds Is Taking A Little Break From Making Movies, I’m Not Sure How To Feel About It

Ryan Reynolds is making headlines this Sunday morning after his announcement that he is “taking a little sabbatical” from making new movies. In a vacuum of life, I shouldn’t care. This does not impact me in any way, yet, here I am being conflicted enough to share the information with you.

Reynolds went from fringe actor that everyone recognized as handsome but marginal to a bonafide superstar that didn’t really get better at acting, he just completely crushed it with Deadpool and it elevated his entire brand.

To be honest, it seems like Reynolds was Deadpool all along. He basically has done the same ‘character’ for everything, but that red suit really did it for him. Now, he is hanging it up for a bit.

His latest — and last (for now) — project is “Spirited” which is a musical version of “A Christmas Carol” and will co-star equally overrated Will Ferrell.

We will get to hear him sing and watch him dance in that one… again, mixed feelings.


Late to the Grace Kelly trend but way early for our movie musical. I ❤️ duets. (And Mika)

♬ original sound – Ryan Reynolds

“I’m gonna miss every second working with this obscenely gifted group of creators and artists. These days, kindness matters as much as talent. I’ve been lucky to work with folks who are flush with both,” Reynolds wrote on his Insta.

“That’s a wrap for me on Spirited. Not sure I’d have been ready to say yes to a film this challenging even three years ago,” Reynolds added. “Singing, dancing and playing in the sandbox with Will Ferrell made a whole lotta dreams come true. And this is my second film with the great @octaviaspencer.” 

The post was shared with his 39.2 million followers and amassed more than 1.5 million likes. 

Not sure if that means a lot of people are glad he is taking a break or if they are showing him support. Whatever…

His wife, Blake Lively, decided it was a nice opportunity to take a quick shot at him.

“Michael Caine did it first,” Lively wrote on the post.

Again, I am conflicted.

Reynolds has been the same actor in so damn many of his movies that I am not sure that I care. “Free Guy” was the same ‘acting’ as Deadpool. It was deadpan, sarcastic, and kinda funny but not all the way funny. It was the same as when he was Van Wilder, if we are being honest… and Green Lantern… and so many other roles. He is kind of one note.

That one note has been pretty good, if not straight up entertaining.

But, let’s be real, he doesn’t need to do any of this anymore. He sold his Gin business (Aviation) for $610M in August of 2020, so he was probably just wrapping up his contractual obligations and dipping out.

That is what I would do…

I wish you well, Ryan Reynolds. I don’t think I will miss your movies. But I might.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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