Sam Elliott Loves ‘1883’ But Pretty Much Hates ‘Yellowstone’

Listen, Sam Elliott, in my opinion, is a man’s man. A sort of grit and tough, old school, guy that rejects modernity for tradition. I dig it.

He has gotten into a little bit of trouble for his comments on Power of the Dog, which I have not watched, but I would venture to guess that he may continue that controversial trendline with his latest comments about the headlined-referencing Yellowstone.

Elliott went on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, where he spoke about the original series, which his project 1883 is a spinoff of, saying, “I’m not a Yellowstone fan. I don’t watch Yellowstone.”

Same, bro. Same.

Well… he continued, and honestly, he nails it. I never thought of it this way, be he ain’t wrong.

“I love [Kevin] Costner. There’s a lot of good people on the cast, a few of them I’ve worked with before — nothing against any of them — but it’s just too much like f—ing Dallas or something for me.” Elliott said.

Obviously he was referring to CBS’ iconic primetime ’80s show that owned one of the top-rated finales’ ever.

If you want to listen, you can:

The actor appeared on the podcast to discuss his life and career, and well… it got a lot of run!

His comments about the Netflix show dominated the news space yesterday. He said that the show was “a piece of shit.”

Maybe it is? I dunno.

He added, “I’ll tell you why I didn’t like it anyway. I looked at when I was down there in Texas doing 1883 and what really brought it home to me the other day when I said, ‘Do you want to fvcking talk about it?’ There was a fvcking full-page ad out in the LA Times and there was a review, not a review, but a clip, and it talked about the ‘evisceration of the American myth.’ And I thought, ‘What the fvck? What the fvck?’ This is the guy that’s done westerns forever. The evisceration of the American west?”

Elliott closed strong when he compared the characters to Chippendale’s dancers.

“They made it look like – what are all those dancers that those guys in New York who wear bowties and not much else. Remember them from back in the day?”

So, there you have it. Sam Elliott… Grumpy Old Man… also, Legend.

Written by Malcolm Henry


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  1. His comments about the Netflix show dominated the news space yesterday. He said that the show was “a piece of shit.”

    What Netflix show……? He sounds pretty bitter that his show got canceled, and Yellowstone is thriving. Has he never heard the term “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”……legend? More like pompous and ungrateful.

  2. Sam’ s right Power of the Dog is worthless POS. I WASTED two hours of my life watching. If Hollywood thinks this a great movies something is terribly wrong with their brains

  3. My 2nd husband went to HS with Sam. In Portland, Grant HS. In my husband’s opinion, Sam was a poser. A wannabe… He is no more a “cowboy” than Geirge Clooney is a “doctor”. These people are actors. Just because Sam plays at being a cowboy does not make him an expert on being a cowboy. I’m disappointed in my fellow native Oregonian. He’s gotten to be a loudmouth, opinionated old white man…stay humble, Sam!

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