Shooters Gonna Shoot: Russian Military Swiping On Ukraine Women Before Invasion

As Vladimir Putin was putting the final touches on his plans to invade Ukraine, his troops were busy on Tinder swiping away on Ukrainian women hours before they were to invade the sovereign nation, The Sun reported.

Who’s up for a Netflix & chill (before we start bombing your apartment complexes)?

The U.K. tabloid says the Tinder action was going on in Kharkiv, Ukraine which sits close enough to Russia for the troops to be within Tinder range of their Ukrainian enemies and their women.

Ukrainian video producer Dasha Synelnikova, 33, was one of those ladies who saw the troops via her Tinder app.

“I actually live in Kyiv but changed my location settings to Kharkiv after a friend told me there were Russian troops all over Tinder,” Synelnikova told The Sun.

“And I couldn’t believe my eyes when they popped up trying to look tough and cool. One muscular guy posed up trying to look sexy in bed posing with his pistol.”

And yes, Dasha opened up correspondence with a 31-year-old soldier named Andrei.

Dasha: “Where are you? Are you in Kharkiv?

Andrei: “Of course I am not in Kharkiv but I am close — 80km.”

Dasha: “Do you have any plans to visit us?”

Andrei: “I would come with pleasure but Russian guys have not been welcome in Ukraine since 2014.

Eventually, Dasha asks Andrei if he’s a Russian soldier and he responded with a Jim Carrey gif video. From there, her phone was littered with horny Russian soldiers looking for some action on the eve of the invasion.

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