Skip Bayless Shares Wild Fear His Wife Has About Charles Barkley

Skip Bayless says a lot of dumb things. To be fair, so does Charles Barkley.

One is mostly universally liked. The other is Skip Bayless.

Anyways, the Skipper has now come off the top rope saying that his wife has been losing sleep that Sir Charles is going to…. kill him.

“My wife Ernestine has believed for 15 years that Charles Barkley is nothing but a sick individual,” Bayless said.

“To her, he is just pure evil, that he is depraved, that he is a scumbag and she believes or fears that one day, Charles will somehow ― maybe unwittingly or maybe wittingly ― inspire some other nut to end my life,” Bayless added. “And this haunts her, this hurts her, because she believes that in the end, Charles Barkley would have my blood on his hands.”

Skip, this is not normal.

That is not a logical thought. Charles Barkley is not going to kill you. Tell your wife.

You might be one of the worst hot-takers out there, but another hot-taker is not bringing death to your door.

Bayless has made a career of just saying stuff… like anything that he thinks will get a reaction.. and has not had much substance to his reporting in like, forever.

The unabashed Cowboy fan, LeBron hater, generally unlikable weasel of a clown probably does have a few crazed fans out there, Charles Barkley, well, is not one of them.

“If that were Charles’ goal from the start, if that was his goal, then I congratulate him,” Bayless said. “Because he wins on this one. He has hurt my wife deeply and she has lost much sleep over this.”

If she has, that is worrisome. She should seek professional attention. We hope she gets the help that she needs.

Skip also shouldn’t have aired this one. Bad look, my dude.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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